Not your grandmother's needlepoint


Needlepoint exploded during the pandemic leading to a staggering increase in online sales. Stitch by Stitch is also the go-to destination for a passionate community of needleworkers to connect, learn, and have first-to-know access to information. Their website went from informational to eCommerce, but wasn't built to support the growth the company is experiencing. This made it difficult to manage products, ship orders, and communicate product information. Struggling to keep up with a diverse and ever-changing inventory, the team is left with tedious, repetitive, and manual labor that takes them away from growing their business and engaging with customers.


We refined the vision of the brand to become the premier destination for enriching needlepoint experiences and artistry. So, we built a visual identity that cultivates the art of needlepoint for stitchers of all skill levels. Our goal is to fuel recognition and amplify differentiation. Designed to focus on the calming effects of needlepoint, providing a peaceful escape through the art of needlepointing - the brand also serves a loyal base. A variable and colorful identity ensued allowing flexibility to transition between collections, trunk shows, and canvases.

In Progress
Brand Identity, eCommerce Website, Operations & Logistics, Retail Support, Packaging, Systems Design.
Stitch by Stitch
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