Preserving the future of Larchmont


One Larchmont is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and restoring the historic business districts in Larchmont, New York. The pandemic brought challenges to the community, leaving residents feeling disconnected and local merchants struggling to stay afloat. Journey Lab has partnered with One Larchmont to bring new life and vitality to the village and support local businesses through a unifying design intervention.


We worked to ideate and launch a brand for One Larchmont that reflected the unique identity of the town. Through fundraising support, the combination of leadership, campaign development, and outreach led to the local government and Architectural Review Board to approve the ambitious Restoration Roadmap we set out. We are currently executing a holisitic restoration plan that engages landlords and merchants with residents being the key to fostering a thriving community.

Strategy, Business Development, Brand Building, Graphic Design, Website Development, Local Merchant Branding, Fundraising, Social Campaigns, Email Design, Interior Signage, Copywriting, Campaign Ad Concepting, Packaging, Swag Design, Marketing
One Larchmont
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