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With an keen eye for modern art plus expressive and functional home decor, Atelier Modern exists to help express yourself like a seasoned art collector. More than a specialty home decor store, Atelier Modern doubles as a modern art gallery that empowers living a more beautiful and intentional life. This one-of-a-kind gallery-store hybrid needed a visual identity, e-commerce website and brand strategy that reflected their vision for elevated living.


We worked with Atelier Modern to build a a fresh perspective by crafting a brand that helps customers express themselves like a seasoned art collector. The result is a brand that cultivates the appreciation of art and personal expression in everyday living for art lovers of all levels. From a newly launched loyalty club, the Curator's Circle, to supporting the brick-and-mortar retail operations, we''re building Atelier Modern to be the guiding light on elevated living.

Branding, eCommerce Website Development, Graphic Design, Content Strategy, Operations, Retail Advisement, Storytelling, Marketing Business Development
Atelier Modern
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